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Swim with Dolphins Grand Cayman

Make your dream come true, swim with dolphins!

One of the dreams that everybody shares is the experience of swimming with dolphins. Today, beside the turquoise waters of the Western Caribbean, in the beautiful island of Grand Cayman, this could be a reality. You will feel that you are in paradise, and also you will share it with the ocean’s sweethearts, the dolphins. This territory has been blessed with white beaches and waters filled with multicolored fishes and all natural details that form the undersea gardens.

For all you lucky swimmers, dolphins will welcome you as if you were their old friend, they will play, jump, give you a ride over the water, kisses, hugs, and tons of fun. This special spot made just for you, will be filled with energy and experiences that you will always remember together with these cute and loving marine mammals that will make you smile the whole day.

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Swim with Dolphins Grand Cayman is the specialized guide for those who want to swim with these amazing and intelligent marine mammals.


Dolphin Swimming Programs

The most popular swimming dolphins program Dolphin Royal Swim

The most dynamic of our programs, the Dolphin Royal Swim ® allows you experience the magic of swimming with dolphins while you perform exhilarating activities with them.

All about swimmin dolphins Grand Cayman
adventure swimming dolphins in Grand Cayman Dolphin Swim Adventure

A unique opportunity to swim and snorkel with dolphins ! Experience the joy of a dolphin kiss, marvel at the dolphin’s strength as you are towed through the water in the ‘belly ride’.

All about Swimming dolphins Adventure Grand Cayman

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