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Grand Cayman Location Facilities

Our cozy and environmental facilities, located in the middle of a real paradise on Earth, will make all visitors feel comfortable, happy and part of this place, as perfect as a postcard photo. This special spot made just for you, will be shared by our tender and loving marine mammals that consider it their home.
Sights in Cayman


Watch the ocean sights on the other side of the dolphin pools or stay under the shades of the palm trees. The dolphinarium sights, were aquatic programs are carried out, are impressive, you will find a lot of blues: sky, water and ocean.
Restaurant in dolphindiscovery location


Our restaurant facilities will offer you the best international cuisine. Enjoy delicious dishes besides the dolphins area playground and the Caribbean Sea .
Boutique dolphins


Enjoy the souvenirs that you will find at the boutique, take home more than just your memories of a day filled with excitement, share it with your friends.


Grand Cayman Tips

Please do not wear bathing suits or beach wear beyond the beach or cruise ship. There are no nude beaches in the Cayman Islands, public nudity and topless bathing are prohibited by law.

Info About Dolphins

The sounds of dolphins in the open sea are bewitchingly beautiful. Come and listen to them communicate peacefully and enjoy their playfulness. Dolphins and their intriguing sounds are ideal for meditation and relaxation.

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