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Things to do in Grand Cayman

Grand Cayman is an important cruise ships destination known around the world for its beautiful beaches with Caribbean Waters. Visitors come to enjoy the incredible submarine life — ideal for scuba diving and snorkel — as well as the land enchantment, full of natural treasures an. Don’t miss the following activities.
Atlantis submarine in Cayman

Atlantis submarine

If you don’t want to dive or snorkel there is still a way to explore the underwater world. The Atlantis Adventures' semi-submersible is the brightest and driest way to see Grand Cayman reefs, wrecks, and fishes. It's like a glass-bottom boat only the glass is in the sides of the hull instead of the floor.
shipwrecks cayman islands


For adventurous divers, there are over 140 shipwrecks in the underwater world of the Cayman Islands. It is said that due to the reef structure below the surface, through the centuries, pirates and merchants were victimized by sea maze; true or false, this myth has left us a full bounty for us to discover and explore.
stingray city cayman

Stingray City

This is a sand bar where you can live an interactive experience with these beautiful gentle creatures. Many tour operators offer tours to the site. When you get there, the crystal waters will invite you in, simply stand still and allow rays to glide next to you. The top of the ray feels like wet sandpaper, while the underside is smooth and soft. This is an incredible experience not very easy to find around the world.
Cayman hell

Cayman Hell

Hell is a small town on Grand Cayman that has some gift shops, T-shirts, post cards, mugs, the usual tourist type items. The best part of this place is the statue of a devil. Be sure to get a photo with this little red and bizarre creature.
Turtle Farm Cayman

Turtle Farm located in West Bay

Conservation plays a big part in the island's effort to save the turtles and this facility focuses in a big part of the problem. Feeding the turtles is easily done, and it will turn out that you will happily buy a bag of food and sprinkle on the water as the rest of the visitors.
Scuba Diving West Wall

Scuba Diving on the West Wall

If you're a water fanatic and love to snorkel or dive, The Cayman Islands are paradise! The Cayman Islands are world renown for their wall dives. But even if you aren't a diver, the beaches and shore snorkelling are wonderful! If you are a certified scuba diver the West Wall two tank dive will offer the very best of Grand Cayman.
Pirates Week

Pirates Week

From November 8th to the 18th, Grand Cayman celebrates the 30th Annual Pirates Week Festival. Bring your costume and become a Pirate of the Caribbean ! There are two things about Pirates week that are really worth it: first, this event is free of charge, and second, it is a good time to meet local people, as this is one festival the Caymanians really cherish.


Dolphin Royal Swim

Dolphin Royal Swim
The most dynamic of our programs, the Dolphin Royal Swim ® allows you experience the magic of swimming with dolphins while you perform exhilarating activities with them.

Dolphin Swim Adventure

book you Dolphin Swim Adventure
A unique opportunity to swim and snorkel with dolphins ! Experience the joy of a dolphin kiss, marvel at the dolphin’s strength as you are towed through the water in the "belly ride".


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